About us.

Welcome to the 2010 English Graduate Student Organization Graduate Student Conference. Here are the names and faces behind this event. The 2010 Conference planning committee:

Eric Anderson.

Eric Anderson is a first year PhD student at the University at Albany. He
received his MA from California State University, Sacramento. His
interests are contemporary American literature and critical theory.


Anna Elena Eyre.

Anna Elena Eyre holds an MFA from CCA and is a second year PhD student whose research concerns animality, representation and the body in 20th-21st century poetry and philosophy of poetry. She is interested in the performative aspect of laws and rights as concomitant with the written. Her poetry and criticism are forthcoming in EOAGH, Jacket, Moria, Sous Rature, No Tell Motel, Latino Poetry Review, among others.

Christopher Jacques.

Christopher Jacques is a first-year doctoral student working in the Theoretical Constructs concentration. His academic interests include Antebellum American literature and the relationship between technologies and subjectivities. Christopher’s other intellectual interests include a continuing treatment of Kant’s aesthetics (particularly in relation to “punk”), logics and epistemologies, apocalyptic visions and utopian societies, and the social implications of science fiction.

Natalie Knight.

Natalie Knight is a poet-critic engaged in critical and aesthetic theory. Five sections of a poetic-political dialogue called “Conditions of Poetic Production and Reception,” with Rodrigo Toscano, appear in print in West Coast Line and online at Jacket Magazine 39, The Poetic Front Vol. 3, Critiphoria Issue 2, and Barzakh. She is author of the chapbooks ARCHIPELAGOS (Punch Press), xenia (Furniture Press) and prairies (scantily clad press).


Luke Martin.  By Gary Indiana.

Luke Martin is a first-year doctoral student in English at the University at Albany. He holds an MA from NYU, where he was also a practicing archivist. Luke’s primary scholarly interests include 20th century American literature and post-foundational philosophies. While currently tracking practices and theorizations of “experimentalism” in divergent American literary scenes, he is also engaged in a long-term project on the aesthetics of debris, trash, waste, and expenditure.


Joel Sodano.

Joel Sodano is a second year PhD student whose main academic focus is long 18th century studies, specifically with regard to sentimentality, community, and the novel.



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