Visiting Albany.

So, you’re coming to Albany?

The University’s page for travel information ( is excellent. I will reiterate a few of the more pertinent pieces of information, but I took it all from this page.  It includes directions from all major roads, as well as information about the airport and Amtrak stations.

First, the campus’s address (for purposes of mapquest, GPS, etc.) is 1400 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12222

Secondly, a map of the campus may be found here. Failing that, there are maps posted on columns throughout the campus.

All events on Friday will take place in the science library.

”]Science library.

All events on Saturday will take place in University Hall.

”]University Hall.

Thirdly, once you’re here:
Our bus transit information can be found at:

And our taxi companies:

The taxi system in the Capital District area may differ in its rate schedule from the system in your area. Meters are not used and the charge is determined per person, per zone crossed in route to your destination.

Capitaland Taxi: (518) 453-8888
Duffy’s Taxi: (518) 433-8400
OK Taxi: (518) 482-5555
Yellow Cab: (518) 434-2222

But, what’s that? You need a place to stay?

Once again, I will refer you to the University’s page on hotels and motels ( It conveniently groups hotels near UAlbany and in the Albany area in general. The roads enclosing the Uptown campus are Washington Avenue, Western Avenue and Fuller Road, if that helps conceptualize where some of these places are in relation to the conference.


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